Bubbles & Pearls

Chef Josie - Bubbles & Pearls

Chef Josie knows a thing or two about being a culinary rockstar.

As a classically trained bohemian chef, Josie has sharpened her culinary skills working under world-renowned chefs such as Wylie Dufresne, Jean-Georges Vongrichten, Caroline Fidanza, and Walter Hinds.

After a decade working at some of the most acclaimed restaurants in New York, Josie rose to fame on Bravo TV’s Top Chef, where her infectious laugh and passion catapulted her into a TV sensation.

Following her tenure on Top Chef, Chef Josie knew she wanted to open her own business — so she turned to her mindfulness practice to visualize launching her own restaurant: Bubbles & Pearls.

Bubbles & Pearls is an oyster and champagne restaurant located right in the heart of Wilton Manors, Florida. Their mission is to bring the freshest ingredients to the table and let those ingredients shine.

But beyond her showstopper menu, Chef Josie is doing something incredibly powerful in her restaurant: building community. “Food connects us all,” Chef Josie said.

Reaching more customers with Grubhub Delivery

I would describe Bubbles & Pearls as a local watering hole that is promoting the celebration of life.

Chef Josie, Bubbles & Pearls

“When you are a small business, there are a lot of challenges — really in labor,” explained Chef Josie. These challenges were why Chef Josie did not originally plan to offer delivery services for her restaurant.

However, that all changed when Chef Josie realized there was a demand for delivery. So she looked for a delivery partner who shared the same values as she did, which is when she turned to Grubhub.

“We looked around, and obviously Grubhub had the best reviews,” she said. “Their customer service is great, so that made it a very easy choice to join Grubhub.”

Grubhub is like our own personal delivery service.

Chef Josie, Bubbles & Pearls

By adding Grubhub Delivery to her business model, Bubbles & Pearls is seeing additional revenue, and according to Chef Josie, that really makes a difference. “With Grubhub, you are talking about adding an additional $300- $500 a night in revenue to your business- and when you are a small business, $500 goes a long way.”

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Chef Josie has simple advice for independent restaurants considering a Grubhub partnership: “If you are a small business, wondering how to generate more revenue out of your small space — Grubhub is definitely an option for you.”

Wondering how to get started? Grubhub offers flexible pricing packages to fit your restaurant’s unique needs. You can launch, power, and promote your restaurant on Grubhub with marketing commissions starting as low as 5%.

Plus, when you join Grubhub, you also get access to value-packed features like a free tablet for receiving orders, free menu consultation services, and a free professional menu photoshoot.

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