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This report from Grubhub and Technomic digs into 2022 online ordering trends and tips for independent restaurant operators.

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Restaurants of all sizes are investing in online ordering, whether through food delivery marketplaces or their own branded online ordering experience, to reach new customers, build loyalty and diversify their revenue streams.

Download the latest report from Grubhub and Technomic to learn what matters most to consumers when ordering delivery and takeout and how independent operators are leveraging technology, online ordering providers and delivery marketplaces to take their business to the next level in 2022.


of surveyed consumers say their frequency of third-party party delivery orders has increased compared to pre-pandemic*


of independent restaurant operators surveyed currently offer online ordering via a third-party marketplace*

9 out of 10

independent restaurant operators surveyed who use Grubhub agree Grubhub increases the volume of takeout and delivery orders, higher than the competitor average*

restaurant employee handing off a 3rd party delivery order. 3rd party delivery orders have grow in the restaurant industry throughout 2022

In this report, you’ll find

  • Online ordering preferences from consumers across the U.S.
  • Insights from independent restaurant operators on how they are adapting their business model to meet changing consumer behavior
  • Tips on how you can leverage technology, promotional tools, and a partnership with Grubhub to thrive in 2022 and beyond
Cover Image of the 2022 restaurant industry report from Technomics and Grubhub

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Learn how to boost your business with online ordering

* Source: Technomic, Inc. restaurant industry survey report (2022) in partnership with Grubhub

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