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Join Grubhub for Restaurants and together we’ll reach new customers and increase your takeout and delivery sales.

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Proven to bring in new customers

When Chicago restaurants like yours partner with Grubhub, the orders—and new customers—start rolling in.

  • +61%
    of the Grubhub orders restaurants receive in the first 6 months after joining Grubhub come from new customers.*
  • +90%
    of independent restaurants are satisfied with their partnership with Grubhub. This is the highest level of satisfaction among users of leading providers.**
Mykonos Green Restaurant staff sharing their success with Grubhub Chicago

“Our outdoor patio is great, but for those rainy days Grubhub has been a big help to us. It evens out our sales.”

Madeline Merageas,
Manager, Mykonos Greek Restaurant, Niles

Grubhub delivery driver picking up an order from a restaurant

Helping your business is our business

When you partner with Grubhub for Restaurants, you get instant access to 33 million hungry customers eager to order online from local restaurants. Reach new customers and get more delivery and pickup orders today– it’s free and easy to get started.

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Reach new customers

Over 80% of independent restaurants agree that Grubhub for Restaurants increases customer frequency.*

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Increase your delivery and takeout sales

Get access to easy and free-to-use promotions and loyalty tools to acquire new customers and turn them into loyal fans.

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Simplify your operations with industry-leading technology

7 in 10 independent operators rank Grubhub highest among leading providers for its technology package.*

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Expert support whenever you need it

Free support from real experts, including a 24/7 customer care support team and dedicated Account Success Managers.

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How does Grubhub for Restaurants work?

Sign up for free

Tell us about your restaurant and we’ll get you set up online. Choose your own flexible pricing option with no up-front costs or long-term commitment. You also have the option of driving customers to your own branded commission-free ordering website with Grubhub Direct.

Your menu is listed on Grubhub Marketplace

Your restaurant will start appearing on, and mobile apps.

Watch the orders roll in

Easily manage and fulfill pickup and delivery orders with the complimentary tablet, or on your own device. You’ll receive payment for orders placed by Grubhub customers.

Grubhub delivery car ready to deliver Grubhub orders

Whichever neighborhood you’re in, you have order fulfillment options

Your restaurant will be listed on Grubhub Marketplace, where customers can choose pickup or delivery. For delivery orders, you can use our drivers or your own. Fill out the form to get started and choose between Grubhub delivery or self-delivery.

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Boost your sales with Grubhub

Try the Restaurant profit calculator to see what joining Grubhub for Restaurants could mean for your business. Ready to start boosting orders now? Just fill out the form below.

*Restaurant performance metrics based on 2021 Grubhub data

** Source: Technomic, Inc. “Restaurant Insights” Survey (2019) in partnership with Grubhub (N = 40). Proportion of respondents who rank Grubhub No. 1 (most satisfied) for a strong partner for the business.

Don’t leave money on the table

The faster you partner with Grubhub, the faster your business can grow.

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