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Want to integrate your restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS) or ordering system with Grubhub? Simply sign up for Grubhub, and let your Grubhub contact know your needs. We’ll get your integration rolling.

Simplify order and menu management

Our point-of-sale integrations mean you can throw your tablet in a drawer. Orders from the Grubhub app or go directly to your kitchen.

Increased efficiency

Manage and fulfill Grubhub orders right from your POS.

Real-time menu updates

When you update your POS menu, it’s automatically updated in Grubhub.

Less clutter, training and errors

A single system reduces training needs and errors, while freeing up counter space.

Supported integrations

We integrate with most popular POS and ordering solutions.

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“Grubhub’s direct-to-POS integration with Aloha makes it possible for us to deliver a better guest experience through increased accuracy, efficiency and speed.”

Erik Collins, Director of Marketing Technology, Del Taco

Want to fully customize your Grubhub experience?

Our Grubhub APIs let your development team build Grubhub directly into your restaurant’s technology with greater flexibility. 

If you’re a technology solutions partner, our API and developer resources can help you integrate your offerings with our platform.

Integration resources

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Five benefits of food delivery POS integration

See why integration is a smart move for supporting the growing demand for delivery.

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What you need to know about POS integration

Get a primer on the top things to consider when integrating.

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