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Parter blog post from Clover POS

Even before the pandemic, all signs pointed to food delivery becoming a mainstay for American diners. In 2020, more than 50% of Millennial customers use food delivery platforms like Grubhub at least once a month. That number has, in all likelihood, increased over the last year.

Many restaurants have adapted to offer curbside pick-up and online ordering, moving quickly to meet these new dining trends. Now, Clover POS is offering merchants a long-term solution: the Grubhub Clover integration

It’s simple to use and provides a range of benefits to customers and restaurants alike. Here are just five great reasons to explore and sign up for this new food delivery POS integration.

1. Capitalize on more online orders

By integrating with Grubhub, Clover POS merchants gain access to Grubhub’s 33M+ customer pool. That could mean more orders virtually overnight! More online orders translate to more revenue: by some estimates, restaurants that complete the food delivery POS integration see an increase of 20-25% in profit. The Grubhub Clover POS integration gives you access to a wide market of customers who are hungry for your restaurant.

2. Provide a great customer experience 

Grubhub gives customers a way to order food from your restaurant any way they want it: for takeout, pickup, or delivery. Those who don’t want to wait for a table can simply choose delivery or pickup from their mobile. When someone wants to place an order for delivery, they don’t need to shout to be heard over the background noise of a busy restaurant. Just a few taps is all it takes to provide great service.

3. AND a great employee experience

For your team, a food delivery integration can be a huge timesaver and stress relief. Orders placed through Grubhub are recorded and processed in a uniform way, ensuring that there is no confusion in the kitchen. Orders placed in the Grubhub app are fired directly to the Clover POS kitchen printers, enabling your staff to process the order within Clover without having to use the Grubhub tablets. Rather than asking a host or hostess to scribble takeout and delivery orders over the phone, input them into the POS, and fire to the kitchen, the process is automated — allowing your team to manage the lunch and dinner rushes without distractions. 

4. Run a tight(er) ship

The Grubhub integration into Clover POS streamlines order processing and reporting. Now, you only need one device for your inventory, order processing, and reporting. Food preferences are relayed to the kitchen straight from the customer, reducing the chance of error and keeping things moving. 

5. Spend time on the things that matter

Finally, integrating your POS with your 3rd party food delivery partner saves you time: time spent manually updating your online ordering menu, processing orders, and trying to reach new customers. Grubhub automatically syncs your Clover POS menu including food images with any updates you make to your inventory. This allows you to spend time on more high-value tasks: chatting to customers, training staff, or dreaming up new seasonal menu items. Yum! 

Plus, it’s easy to get started. Sign into your Clover Dashboard to integrate your existing Grubhub account into Clover. Grubhub will contact you to verify your information. From there, you can build a menu on Grubhub Marketplace using items straight from your Clover inventory. 

Once you publish, Grubhub customers will be able to find your restaurant in the app, place your order, and pay. The order is fired to your kitchen: hot dishes get cooked, cold dishes do not — et voila! For deliveries, a Grubhub driver (or your own driver) takes the order to the customer. 

To learn more about the Grubhub Clover integration please visit Clover’s website.