Frequently Asked Questions


Below is an example of how net profit has changed for restaurants in our network when they partnered with Grubhub for online ordering and delivery services:

It’s free to get listed on Grubhub. If we send you an order, we keep a marketing percentage. The higher the percentage, the more views your menu will get, and the more orders you’ll likely receive. If you opt for our delivery service, we also keep a percentage to cover the cost of delivery.

Our system is smart and can track what cuisines individual customers like to order. If someone is likely to order your cuisine based on their previous order history, we boost your menu higher, so that they’re more likely to see you. We spend our marketing dollars where our customers spend their time, so you will see ads on popular websites, at the top of search engines, on TV and in out-of-home placements.

Submit your restaurant name here, and a sales executive will reach out to guide you through this process. All we need is a copy of your menu and a few other basic pieces of information.


You can choose to be paid once a week via direct deposit or once a month via check. If you set up direct deposit, you can also get paid sooner with a $1 transaction fee.

Grubhub handles the transactions. Customers can save their billing information in our app – so it’s easier for them to order from you again and again. We send you the order total, minus our percentage, via your preferred form of payment. You will never pay us anything for any reason; we will always be paying you.


We recommend you receive orders through our online app, which you can access from any device with an internet connection. We can also send orders to your point-of-sale system, if you use one of our POS partners. You can also receive orders via email or fax. You’ll also receive an automatic phone call within a few minutes, in case you miss any new orders we send you.

Yes. You can “start/stop” receiving orders or modify them via your online portal without having to sit on the phone. Our 24/7 customer service team can also assist with live orders.

No. Customers value transparency, and we would never alter your prices without your explicit permission. Prices on Grubhub reflect prices in store.