Grubhub’s guide to building a resilient restaurant

Learn how you can make your restaurant even more resilient by diversifying with delivery.

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If there’s one word to describe restaurants over the last two years, it’s resilient. Restaurant owners like you have been flexible, dynamic and creative throughout the pandemic. A lot has changed during this time and there’s still more to learn about the new normal of the restaurant industry.

In this guide, we’ll dig into what the ‘new normal’ looks like and how restaurant owners are diversifying their business models in order to overcome labor shortages, supply chain costs, and changing consumer behavior.


of restaurant operators report lower than normal staffing levels1.


of restaurant industry growth over the next 5 years will come from off-premise spending2.


YoY jump in food costs for restaurants and customers3.

In this free guide, you’ll find:

  • Insights from independent restaurant operations across the US on the challenges they are facing and how they are using off-premise ordering to build a resilient restaurant.
  • Tips for building a resilient restaurant.
  • Insights on how you can tap into off-premise dining and the latest digital tools to future-proof your restaurant.
  • Details on how Grubhub is serving restaurants with a variety of delivery services.

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Learn how off-premise dining can help you build a resilient restaurant and navigate an unpredictable future.

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