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Promotions can help you kick your growth into high gear by enabling you to offer promotions to different types of customers. Promotions help you:

  • Create tailored promotions that customers love.
  • Personalize your goals powered by smart analytics that put you in control.
  • Stand out from your competition and drive more orders.
  • Adjust your budget and create limited-time offers at any time.

This short guide will help you get started with running Promotions on Grubhub. To learn more about Grubhub Promotions please log in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the Help Section. 

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How to set goals for Promotions on Grubhub

Personalize your offerings based on your business’ unique goals:

  • Target Grubhub+ diners. Attract orders from Grubhub’s most active & loyal diners by offering deals exclusive to customers with a Grubhub+ subscription.
  • Attract New Customers. Bring in new customers by offering them a deal on their first order at your restaurant.
  • Bring customers back. Get your customers who haven’t ordered in a while to order again.
  • Promote specific menu items. Drive orders by offering free item add-ons or requiring the purchase of specific items.
  • Target breakfast, lunch & dinner hours. Take advantage of peak hours and drive even more orders.
  • Encourage large orders. Lift your average order amount by giving customers a bonus if they spend more.
  • Do-it-yourself. Choose your goals and determine your purchase conditions and rewards.

When customizing your promotions, can now choose between these promotional offerings:

  • Dollar off. Offer a fixed amount of money off
  • Percentage off. Choose a fixed percentage off of orders.
  • Free menu item. Allow customers to redeem a free item with their purchase.
  • Free item from menu section. Allow customers to redeem any item from a specific section of your menu with their purchase.

How to add a Promotion

Step 1: Log in at

Step 2: From the navigation panel click Marketing

Step 3: From the drop down menu, click Promotions Manager

Step 4: Select your goals — our smart recommendation is already picked for you. 

Step 5: Customize your promotions offering

Step 6: Set your monthly budget. Adjust as you like, or keep our recommended amount. You can always add more.

Step 7: Review your promotions and launch!

Step 8: Promotions cannot be used with other discounts or on orders paid in cash, and are subject to all other applicable Grubhub terms and conditions.

You can track how many customers have redeemed the offer directly on the Promotions Reporting page.

How to stop a promotion

Step 1: On the Promotions Manager page, scroll down to the “Manage Smart Promotions” section

Step 2: Select Stop Smart Promotions