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Your restaurant is vital. The success and recovery of restaurants nationwide are vital. So it’s important that you have the tools and partners you need to succeed.

I’ve heard the concern and criticism about Grubhub and our competition. You want fewer fees and more ways to connect with your customers. More tools to run your business without hurting your bottom line. You deserve people who are there for you and your business whenever you need it.

That sentiment is at the heart of our new rallying cry: we serve restaurants. It’s the reason Grubhub exists and it guides everything we do. It’s our commitment to put restaurants first—all day, every day. That’s why we’ve developed new ways to serve restaurants like yours. 

First, flexible pricing plans. 

Your restaurant is one-of-a-kind and we now have pricing packages that give you a Grubhub experience tailored to your needs. You can launch, power and promote your restaurant on Grubhub with marketing rates as low as 5%. 

Second, Grubhub Direct

Grubhub Direct is a completely commission-free way for you to get online orders. You can connect directly with your customers and drive orders to your restaurant’s own branded website, without marketing fees. 

And lastly, dedicated account advisors. 

They are here to support you and your restaurant at every turn. Your account advisor has your back. When you partner with Grubhub you’ll be teamed up with a dedicated account advisor who is personally invested in your business’ success. 

At Grubhub, we serve restaurants. And this is just the start.  

Thank you. 

Matt Maloney

Founder, Grubhub

To learn more, please read our latest press release. 

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