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Chances are you spend a considerable amount of time and effort creating dishes that not only taste great but look good, too. Presentation is an important piece of the overall dining experience, not just for on premise diners, but for your delivery customers as well.

Follow these three food delivery best practices to ensure all of the food you serve – takeout or dine-in – looks as good as it tastes. Following delivery best practices may also result in an improved rating for restaurants on Grubhub, and could even net you reduced delivery times.

Keep Hot and Cold Food Separate

When it comes to food, temperature is just as important as taste. No matter how delicious your juicy burger is, no one will take a bite if it’s as cold as ice. Transporting hot and cold foods together, in the same container, can compromise the safety and integrity of your meals. Train delivery staff to use insulated hot and cold bags to keep food at the appropriate temperature.

Place Sauce on the Side

A few speedbumps and potholes are all it takes to accidentally open delivery food packaging and cause a major mess – both for delivery staff and diners. Reduce the risk of handing customers leaky containers by placing all sauces (and any other liquids) in their own containers. This not only prevents sauces from spilling all over the place, but also enables diners to regulate the amount they put on their food. For an extra sense of security, consider wrapping containers holding anything liquid – such as soups and sauces – with plastic wrap to prevent any messes before they happen.

Use Proper Delivery Food Packaging

One way to keep food intact and at the proper temperature throughout a delivery trip is to invest in proper delivery food packaging. Many restaurants still turn to Styrofoam clamshells as their go-to packaging option. While Styrofoam does a great job of keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold, it’s easy to break and can lead to messy leaks at the slightest bit of turbulence. Look for other packaging options that provide a strong seal to keep all ingredients intact. Ensure your dish looks as appetizing as the moment it left your kitchen by providing proper delivery food packaging for each order. If you’re interested in other takeout packaging tips, check out our blog post here.

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