Preparing for a post-pandemic restaurant industry

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Our third Restaurant Roundtable will be hosted on September 1st at 4 PM ET on Grubhub’s YouTube channel.

Restaurant Roundtable is a virtual panel series that brings together restaurant and industry leaders for conversations that move the industry forward. September’s panel will discuss market trends, strategies to maintain delivery, and the return to in-person dining.

Meet the host

Greg Hill is a restaurateur, radio host, and founder of the Restaurant Strong Fund. This organization supports restaurants across the country that are navigating the impacts of the pandemic, with the help of partners like Grubhub.

Meet the panelists

Terri Evans (Chicago) – Owner of Windy City Ribs & Whiskey. Terri is continuing her family’s legacy of selling whiskey and creating generational wealth while trying to make an impact in Black and Brown communities in the Chicago area. Windy City Ribs & Whiskey partners with local charities throughout Chicago and creates platforms to address food insecurity and create equity in underserved communities.

Seungmin Lee (Atlanta) – Owner of Hello Chicken. Seungmin Lee is a 2nd generation owner of the Atlanta-based restaurant. Hello Chicken brings the flavors of Seoul to the streets of Atlanta with Korean-style fried chicken and other street food favorites.

Jeff LaPadula (NYC) – General Manager of P.S. Kitchen. Jeff pivoted from a career in finance to working his way up the ranks in the restaurant industry. He now manages P.S. Kitchen, an upscale restaurant with a unique mission to employ marginalized New Yorkers while donating 100% of its profits to sustainable charities.

Mark your calendar and join the conversation on September 1st.

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